Magic Maple Stix


We take our Magic Maple Stix pretty seriously.  Blending USDA Organic Pure Vermont Maple Syrup with our USDA Organic Raw Honey to create a truly unique, delicious honey straw that will leave you feeling, wow… magic.

This ain’t Aunt Jemima’s syrup your mama served with buttermilk pancakes.  This is REAL, Organic Vermont Maple Syrup from the Green Mountain state.  The families that “grow” our maple syrup have been doing it for generations.  Sugarshacks deep in the woods process miles and miles of tubes collecting the sap.  Tree to tree, a network of trees collect and pour the raw sap into a giant vat where they boil hundreds of gallons a day. It takes about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup, and there are only a few weeks a year Maple Syrup farmers can do it!

The “sugar bush” is spread across 1,000 acres of an eastern-sloping, Southern Vermont mountain ridge. Containing a large number of natural springs which provide the maple trees with an ideal source of pure, natural spring water. Many of our trees are over one hundred years old, and over hundred feet tall. These trees produce high quality, sweet, maple sap which is the only ingredient you need to produce high quality maple syrup.

Mixed with USA grown Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, this is a treat you don’t want to miss.


Organic VT Maple Syrup
Organic Raw Honey
Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract – 15mg per Stick


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