Happy Honey Stix


Happy Honey Stix™ started as an inspiration with LifeTech Botanics to “Get the Medicine to the People.” Our families envisioned a product for people everywhere to enjoy the benefits of Full Spectrum Hemp in a delicious, affordable and accessible product.
Each tub of Happy Honey Stix contains 100 power packed stix in a compact design requiring just 3″ of counter space. Loaded with pure ingredients designed to increase energy, wellbeing, and vitality!
Organic Clover Honey is harvested from apiaries in a true farm to table fashion. No added sugar, low in calories and a natural preservative make it the perfect healthy sweet treat!
American Ginseng is celebrated around the world for its benefits and properties. Known to ease stress, increase energy, and cognitive function. Cultivated from US farms following organic practices, this Ginseng is the real deal!
Broad Spectrum  Hemp Extract is rich in terpenes and phytocannabinoids. Nano enhanced means it is highly “bio-available” for quick absorption and fast results. Join this growing movement, and learn about it’s magical properties!
We are passionate about Health, Education and Happiness. Therefore, a portion of all proceeds support causes which create sustainable gardens and environments for bees, animals and humans to thrive together!
Slurp em’ down, squeeze into your tea, coffee, or use your alchemy imagination. But remember…
Always share with friends and Bee Happy!
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